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Winds of Change: The World We Envision
Eight international students shared the spotlight on March 13, 2014, for a passionate and free ranging discussion of social change and stagnation in eight very different countries.  Organized and facilitated by Ana Ayala, is a senior from Ecuador majoring in sports and president of the International Students Association, the panelists explored diverse challenges including political oppression, rampant corruption, gender inequity, environmental devastation, economic stagnation, poverty, and intercultural conflict.  

Panelists included:
Sophie Adeyemo from Nigeria, Abdullah Al Asousi from Kuwait, Noha Elmessiri from Egypt, Ruby Karki from Nepal, Rohan Maheshwari from India, Alfredo Malaret-Baldo from Venezuela, Weiqi Wang from China, Camilla Curnis from Italy 

The common theme was the importance of youth for dreaming of a better future and working directly to achieve that future, even at the risk of personal peril.  Sponsored by the Office of Global Learning, the program also included an overview of global issues by Samuel Raphalides, FDU Professor of Political Science and Director of the Global Scholars Program. 

Winds of Change is a program created by Fairleigh Dickinson University's international students to improve the community's understanding of their countries and the challenges affecting them.  Past Winds of Change panels have focused on the Indian Subcontinent, the diverse regions of China, and the Mediterranean and North Africa (MENA) region.  

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March 13, 2014