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Today’s UN Global Compact Volunteers, Tomorrow’s Leaders of Corporate Citizenship
“Architects of a Better World” is a vision that calls forth synergy for the creation of a more socially responsible global community.  The meaning of that vision represented the theme that permeated throughout the IV Triennial United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit.  This two day summit, from September 19th to 20th, brought together leaders of civil society, private sector, academia, government and the United Nations, in order to discuss the topics of global sustainability and businesses’ role beyond the 2015 Millennium Development Goals.

From the left: Desmond Abu,Professor Hsu O’Keefe, Tiara-Sufina Azly,Elsa Cosme and (not pictured) Tornubari Barinee

From September 18th to 20th, four Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MBA students volunteered for the 2013 Leaders Summit.The volunteers, Desmond Abu, Tiara-Sufina Azly, Elsa Cosme and Tornubari Barinee, along with Silberman College’s Adjunct Faculty, Professor Hsu O’Keefe, provided essential aid to the Global Compact and United Nations teams.  During the Summit, students were able to view the candid interactions and network built by high level actors, such as CEOs and Foreign Ministers.This invaluable learning experience allowed the MBA students to understand the real-world conversations of addressing the strengths and difficulties of implementing universally adopted principles of corporate citizenship.

Today’s UN Global Compact Volunteers, Tomorrow’s Leaders of Corporate Citizenship

Launched in 2000, the Global Compact is a voluntary agreement that aligns corporate citizenship with business values within each of its participant’s operational practices and strategic initiatives. With over 10,000 corporate partners and stakeholders in over 130 countries, the Compact continues to grow in numbers.  Some topics of interest covered during the triennial event were women’s empowerment, anti-corruption, children’s rights, and sustainable energy.  
The first day of the summit was dedicated to Special Events that featured open forums headed by representatives from a variety of sectors such the International Labour Organization (ILO), The CEO Water Mandate and Save the Children.  On the second day, the plenary of The Leaders Summit opened with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, followed by executive working sessions and solicited inputs from participants.  By the end of the Summit, everyone exposed to the event left thinking about the rallying words of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “help us to respond to the urgency of our global challenges and build a better tomorrow.”  



Tiara-Sufina Azly
Monday, September 30, 2013