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Kyungnam University -- American Language & Culture Summer program 2013
  Students arrived the Teaneck Campus from June 23, to July 9, 2013 for an immersion language & culture program. This year we had a total of 30 students and 1 chaperone attending, in addition to three levels of (ESL) English language courses (1,2,3). These levels were taught by FDU faculty with a 45 hours of teaching for the three weeks students attended the program. Faculty hired by FDU includes Diana Reider, Brian Orsini and Larentina Carberry. The chaperone from Kyungnam University was Mr. Kyung Hwan Moon. During the culture immersion portion, students visited NYC.

The students attended the "Cinderella Broadway" show, a fancy American dinner in NYC at the "Ruby Foo's" restaurant. They also participated in the Mets professional league game, and fireworks the 4th of July. They also attended to an American Barbeque provided at Ron Calissi and his Wife Debbie at their home for. At the end of the program students received a certificate  signed by the Dean; for attending the 3-week immersion culture program. This programs has been running for 11 years under the Office of Global Partnership (Liz Nigrinis)  and Petrocelli College (Ken Vehrkens)