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GEN Breakfast Seminar: Doing Business in Colombia
On July 18, 2013, the Office of Global Learning hosted a business breakfast seminar 'Doing Business in Colombia'. Organized by Herb Ouida, Director of the FDU Global Enterprise Network (GEN), and Sarah Horn Assistant Director of GEN, the seminar series is designed to help US companies expand their international business activities.
According to Mr. Ouida, "This marked the seventh program in the GEN breakfast seminar series. With between sixty and ninety New Jersey business leaders attending each event, we hope over time to have a real impact on international business development in the state."

From left to right starting in the upper row Todd Shevlin, Project Manager MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC);Steve Scaturro, senior Manager of Cargo Financing, UPS capital; Christian Rodriguez Anzola, Consul General of Colombia; Eddy Mayen, ,Director, Office of International Business Development & Protocol State of New Jersey Department of State Business Action Center; Julie Anglin, Colombia& Panama Desk Officer, US Department of Commerce; Herb Ouida, Director Global Enterprise Network

The seminar was designed to provide New Jersey businesses with an overview of the economic and commercial situation in Colombia. The seminar started with Julie Anglin, Desk Officer for Colombia and Panama from the United States Department of Commerce. She provided deep insight into the Colombian market and an overview of the various business opportunities in Colombia, including FTA and infrastructure.

Patricia Molinaro, who is an International Trade Specialist, Publishing, Media, and Entertainment form the Northern NJ Export Assistance Center, explained how her center helps local businesses to connect with international buyers.  The center provides business opportunities around the world and help thousands of businesses every year to export goods and services.

Stephen Scaturro from UPS Capital gave an insight into Export Finance and how UPS can provide foreign buyer financing for purchases of capital goods made in the US, including Colombia, which is an increasingly important market for them.


Christian Mauricio Rodríguez Anzola, Consul of Colombia in Newark, New Jersey, discussed business opportunities with Colombian partners available for businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  In addition, he briefed participants on the general economic situation in Colombia and the business opportunities in various industries.

Eddy Mayen, Director, Office of International Business Development & Protocol State of New Jersey, discussed how the State of New Jersey can help businesses export to Colombia and how important this up and coming market is for the US and in particular New Jersey. He emphasized the "STEP" under which his office provided grants to help exporters.

The seminar concluded with Todd Shevlin, Project Manager, MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC), who explained how a US company can upgrade their global competiveness and how the MATAAC can help with that, by offering support and valuable resources for import impacted companies. These services include matching grants for feasibility studies.

The event was co-sponsored by UPS and the State of New Jersey's Office of International Business Development.



Thursday, July 18, 2013