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Romania Reshaping the International Scene
The UN/NGO Pathways was pleased to present another elegant Ambassador Forum on the “Role of Romania in Central/ Southeastern Europe, the European Union and the United Nations”. The discussion was moderated by Ambassador Ahmad Kamal and honorable guest panelist the Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nation Ambassador Simona- Mirela Miculesu. The Ambassador forum brought to light several unique and significant facts of Romania to the table. The forum in the same manner highlighted the very important questions in relations to Romania’s role in the United Nations and the European Union.

From left to right: A packed house, this forum drew the UN/ NGO Pathways one of its largest group of attendees; Provost Joseph KiernanAmbassador Ahmad Kamal, and Ambassador Mirela-Miculescu; The Ambassadors taking a picture with the students of FDU

Romania is in the midst of a unique region amongst other countries, how do you garnish the uniqueness in that region? Ambassador Mirela- Miculescu responded that, the country has existed over a thousand years and has kept its Latin origin along with the influence of the Slavic culture. Ambassador Mirela-Miculescu went on to state that during the last twenty years Romania went through much hardship, especially transitioning from a Communist state to a democracy. Today Romania is considered to be one of the most attractive liberal democracies in Europe. “In Romania we love the world, and love to receive the world when it comes to our home.” This graciousness is even open to the Roma people, a nomadic ethnic group that live all throughout Europe and often face problems with European governments due to their culture and lifestyles.  The Ambassador affirmed that her country was doing all it could to include the Roma in their society, but she also expressed that the inclusion of Roma people was a problem to be handled by all of Europe and not just Romania.
“In Romania we love the world, and love to receive the world when it comes to our home.”

When asked what representation women have in Romania, Ambassador Mirela-Miculescu responded that, women have full and equal opportunities in pay and work. Women are in fact more encouraged to assume top positions in society. In Romania, women are very successful in the business sector, occupying high level jobs and positions. Women are encouraged to be fully confident in their life. “It is not that men are bad or women are good. We are perfect when we work together”.  As a diplomat for her country in the UN, the Ambassador wanted her career to show what women can do not just locally but globally. Later on in the forum, Ambassador Kamal expressed his critical views of the UN, citing the imbalance of power in the Security Council and its slow responses against global issues.  He made reference to the situation in Syria and the not so well known conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

However, Ambassador Mirela-Miculescu held a strong, idealist view of the UN, and responded that there is a problem when media demoralizes the efforts of the UN.  She cited the many ways the organization has changed the world.   The Ambassador did not deny that the 5 decade old United Nations needed some reform.  The world is ever so restless and the UN has to adapt to the constant issues. The UN body has to be persistent, united in effort, and harmonizing the members’ states is the key in the UN. People need to be more open to understand the hard work in the UN. For instance, currently, there are over 175 different resolutions on the table at the General Assembly. She implored to the attendees to not minimize the UN capability; it will be around longer than other associations.  The Ambassador was optimistic on the ability of the UN, believing that one should “Acknowledge what is positive and work on the negatives”. 

The forum consisted of interesting conversation ranging from issues related to the environmental policy of Romania to the education system raised by the student audience. Romania has one of Europe's only virgin forests and is home to over 38,000 species of animals. The Ambassador noted that Romania cherished its environment and preserving it was a crucial policy to the government.  Education in Romania state universities is free based on good merit, whereas private school prices are kept at low and affordable prices.  With that said, many students could hardly repress their desire to go to Romania. 



Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Moses Hungiapuko and Jamal Jefferson, UN/NGO Pathways Interns, FDU Office of Global Learning


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