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James Dives into some new foods while studying at FDU’s Chengdu American Study Center
James, a College at Florham student, shared some of his latest experiences while studying at FDU’s American Study Center in Chengdu, China!

This week I ate even more new things: new dinners, new dinner experiences, new novelty flavored chips, some new healthy food, and much more. It’s a shame I ended up not doing too much this weekend due to the earthquake, but I’m happy and grateful to be okay.

I’ll start with the amazing novelty flavored chips I’ve found. Well I’ve certainly seen lots of kooky flavors in my years but I’ve never seen one’s like these. When I realized the multitude of flavors there it really makes me wonder why flavors aren’t as varied in the US as they are here. I saw with Lay’s potato chips ‘French Chicken,’ ‘Italian Red Meat,’ ‘Mexican Tomato and Chicken,’ ‘Grilled Prawn,’ ‘Texas Grilled Steak,’ ‘Hot Pot,’ ‘Lobster with Lemon and Butter,’ and the strangest but still oddly delicious ‘Chicken and Cola’ flavored. All of them taste good, especially the lobster flavored one; it’s the cheapest alternative to a lobster dinner one could ever have! The Cheetos here are also very interesting.  Besides having zero percent of cheese flavor the flavors I’ve had of that was ‘American-style Turkey,’ ‘Spicy Beef,’ and ‘Teriyaki Steak.’ Another new thing I tried was some pastries at a bunch of different bakeries. All of them were superb but I think my personal favorite bakery is Bread Talk where I had this amazing treat called ‘magic pillow’. 

I’ve also been trying to eat a little bit healthier since the opportunities are all around me. So what healthy stuff have I been snacking on? I’ve been drinking some yogurt, some more vegetables in my meals, milk biscuits, and packaged bamboo. It’s cool that being here motivated me to eat yogurt again.  It’s been a long while since I’ve had that. The milk biscuits are interesting; there is cow milk flavor and goat milk flavor. The packaged bamboo is great too; I highly recommend it as a snack when traveling. 

I had two other interesting food experiences this week. One was a restaurant just right outside my campus which was this restaurant that was like an all-you-can-eat buffet but the main course was fish. The fish was so delicious but alas there was a price to pay for it, as in the bones…so many bones. I got used to it though, and it was well worth it. The other cool restaurant experience I had was when I went to this one random restaurant somewhere around where the bridge and river is located and I ate this dumpling soup there. This dumpling soup had miniscule shrimp and squid in the soup; I’ve never seen or tasted anything like it. Also the owners of that restaurant were speaking a language that neither I nor my girlfriend could recognize.  It wasn’t Cantonese or Tibetan and definitely wasn’t Mandarin…a mystery to solve for another day I suppose. 
I’ve started a Q and A on Facebook about debunking or confirming myths about China.  Some of my friends were very surprised at my answers and I was even surprised by some of their questions. I hope that through doing this I can create a less ethnocentric and more harmonious planet. I absolutely love China and wish to show this to others so that they themselves can at the very least learn something new.

I’m asking my friends about myths or rumors they want me to debunk about China. I’m so happy to spread out more knowledge and less fear about a country to others.

Must…have…lobster flavored…chiiiiiiips. They are seriously great!



James dives
Tuesday, May 07, 2013