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FDU Student, James Studying Off the Beaten Path in Chengdu, China
James, a College at Florham student, shared some of his latest experiences while studying at FDU’s American Study Center in Chengdu, China!

About to eat chicken feet...

This weekend marked a plethora of new experiences for me. I tried some new things that I would have never gotten a chance to do back in the States, some of which I thoroughly enjoyed and others… not so much. I also got the opportunity to travel further than I’ve been before into Chengdu, utilizing both public transportation and my own two feet.

Top on the list of things that I did that I considered adventurous was trying a number of new dishes, including some very interesting choices of food. First off, I went to a place that had kebabs in a big bowl of spices (it wasn't “hot pot” though) and one of the many things available to be consumed on a stick were chicken’s feet. So, feeling obliged to try new and strange things, I had some. How was it? Well, it was kind of like chicken skin. I've heard that usually chicken’s feet are eaten with the bone and people suck the skin and meat off, but thankfully this one was deboned. Overall it was pretty interesting. Next up was a kind of Chinese pancake. The specific type I had was amazing, I think it had green onions and beef inside but either way it was really appetizing. Alongside the Chinese pancake were these strange clear noodles with tiny bubbles inside; the translated name for this is Vermicelli (which means little worms in Italian). The dish I had with the noodles and the Chinese pancake also had intestines in it. The intestines I didn't like as much as everything else.

As well as my food experiences, I also visited a few new places this week as well. One place was Chunxi road, where I went to a bakery with the strange title of “BreadTalk.” Inside I watched them make an ice cream cone, which I happily indulged in. Needless to say the ice-cream cone was delicious. Next up on my list of stops on Chunxi road was the bathroom. Why was the bathroom at notable experience? Well, I won’t go into detail what exactly transpired, so I’ll spare you the details. But in short, there were no toilet seats there; but luckily I got a hang of it, though; like everything else.
Another new experience for me was going out on the town with a group of people. On one particular street there was a row of bars made to look like traditional Chinese buildings, and I personally thought the atmosphere was really cool. It was interesting seeing a lot of younger people at a bar, but considering China’s laws it wasn't so strange — in fact the relaxed environment made for a very enjoyable evening.

Week three of being here and I still feel happy. I can say I have grown very accustomed to living here so far. I’m very interested in seeing what else is in store for me, what other foods will I try, where else will I travel to, how will I get there and what will I do there when I am there. I hope you all join me on these discoveries!



James Louderback
Wednesday, March 13, 2013