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Faculty Focus: Innovation South of the Border
Dr. Ethné Swartz, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Chair of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, is bringing her expertise to CETYS University, in Mexicali, Mexico. Appointed as Visiting Graduate Professor for the period of January to March 2013, Dr. Swartz is one of several faculty members who are taking advantage of exchange agreements developed between FDU and universities on five continents. In this capacity she is teaching a class for MBA students, consulting on the MBA curriculum, exploring mutual research interests with CETYS faculty colleagues, and working to strengthen the partnership between CETYS and FDU on an administrative level. During her appointment, she has made several trips to Mexicali, in addition to carrying on course interactions via Blackboard.

Dr. Ethné Swartz with students at CETYS University in Mexicali, Mexico.

"The most rewarding part of my engagement with CETYS has been the student contact," Swartz said. "They are keen to learn, want to learn about resources (particularly data obtainable from excellent sources) and how to create new products and services. Several students run companies already and the Mexicali area is very, very keen to copy the kinds of innovations in healthcare that have become the norm in the USA."

Dr. Swartz is no stranger to international education. Prior to joining Fairleigh Dickinson University's Silberman College, she taught at universities in South Africa and the United Kingdom, serving as a faculty member in the Department of Corporate Strategy at Leicester Business School, DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK. Her research and teaching interests include entrepreneurship and innovation, management of technology, business continuity and crisis management. Dr. Swartz’s corporate career includes experience with The Economist Group, General Motors (South African), and Kodak (South African). In the past, she has also served on the editorial board for Global Issues Gateway ( and has participated in the university's faculty retreat at Wroxton College.



Dr. Ethné Swartz, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Chair of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Type of trip:
FDU Visiting Graduate Professor
January 2013 - March 2013