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International Student Spotlight: Nahla-Khaled Abdelhay

During her first year at FDU, an international student from Egypt scored an internship at the coveted UN in the Department of Public Information (DPI). Nahla-Khaled Abdelhay, who is currently pursuing her Masters of International Business at FDU, said that she always wanted to work at the United Nations. 


Her undergraduate years were spent in pharmaceutical chemistry, and she worked as a public relations representative for various pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, like Johnson & Johnson, for the past five years.  She decided to come to FDU to further her expertise in public relations and hopefully score a job at the UN’s DPI.


“Since I first arrived here, it was my first objective to have an internship in the UN,” Abdelhay said.  “I wanted to combine by past experience and learn a new thing.” Out of 50 applications, Abdelhay received two phone calls for interviews.  She was unable to make the first interview because she was visiting her home in Egypt over winter break. Abdelhay received some helpful advice from a representative at a job fair – apply as a full-time intern, rather than a part-time intern.  She said that after she took that advice, in less than two months, she received another call for an interview. “You can’t just apply to one or two, or even 10 job openings,” Abdelhay said.  “I applied for literally 50.”


She also talked about how the faculty at FDU and the Office of Global Learning has been extremely helpful and supportive in her endeavors to find an internship at the UN. “It’s my good luck to be here at FDU,” Abdelhay said. She applied mainly to the outreach division of the DPI, but ended up getting an internship in the operations section, which is not in the main building of the UN headquarters.  Within that section, she interned in the information center services, dealing with UN Information Center (UNIC) offices.  She said that there are about 60-something UNICs and that she is currently dealing with about eight of them, regarding budgeting and data input. “The work environment there is very friendly – the people there are very supportive and very friendly,” Abdelhay said.


Overall, she loves her internship, but she said she sometimes wishes she had more work to do for when she finishes her primary task. “It gives me the experience of different countries – different circumstances in those countries and different people with different experiences,” she said.


As an intern at the UN, Abdelhay has the opportunity to attend special events like one held in remembrance of the genocide in Rwanda. “The events there are very interesting,” Abdelhay said.  “For example, the first week I went there, there was an event with the general secretariat and Malala – the girl who was the youth ambassador to the UN – for women’s rights.”


Abdelhay will be at FDU for one more year before graduating with her master’s degree and said that it is her dream to work for the United Nations. “For anybody who thinks like me, the UN is a very valuable opportunity,” she said.  “It’s my dream, but I haven’t decided yet.  Maybe I’ll apply at the UN back home.”



Monday, May 08, 2017
Melanie Perez