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Wroxton College News: Order of the Garter 2016

On Monday, June 13th the Wroxton Summer students visited Windsor Castle for the most noble Order of the Garter and afterwards were given a tour of St George’s Chapel, by their host, the Rt Hon Lord Butler of Brockwell.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter is the most senior and oldest British Order of Chivalry and was founded by Edward III in 1348.

It is awarded at the Sovereign's pleasure as a personal gift on recipients from the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. Membership of the Order is limited to the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than 24 members, or Companions. The order also includes supernumerary knights and ladies (e.g. members of the British Royal Family and foreign monarchs). New appointments to the Order of the Garter are always announced on St George's Day, 23rd April as the Order is dedicated to the image and arms of Saint George, England's patron saint.

The order's emblem is a garter with the motto Honi soit qui mal y pense (Middle French: "shame on him who thinks evil of it"; sometimes said to be “honour be to he who honour thinks”). Members of the order wear it on ceremonial occasions.

The Order of the Day

The Queen formally invested new Companions of the Order of the Garter with the insignia at a Chapter of the Order in the Throne Room of Windsor Castle on Garter Day. There were two new members Lord Shuttleworth and Sir David Brewerter.

Afterwards The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh entertained the members and the officers of the Order at lunch in the Waterloo Chamber.

After lunch the Knights processed to a service in St George’s Chapel. It’s normally quite a colourful procession but as it was raining, the majority of people went by car. On reaching the Chapel there was a Service of Thanksgiving, which was broadcast by loudspeaker to the Lower and Upper Ward of the Castle Precincts where the students were situated.

On emerging from the Chapel, the Queen and the other members of the Order returned in carriages and cars to the Upper Ward of the Castle and the Rt Hon Lord Butler of Brockwell conducted a tour of St George’s Chapel for the students.




Monday, June 13, 2016
Andrew Rose