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Inside the United Nations

Inside the United Nations

The Office of Global Learning and The School of Administrative Science (Petrocelli College) partnered this summer to host a special two-week course, entitled "Inside the United Nations." The course had a diverse mix of undergraduate and graduate students representing twenty countries, including India, Qatar, Afghanistan, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and USA. This is the second summer in which FDU offered students an opportunity to gain an in-depth study of the origins and goals of the United Nations. The class, which met at the International Social Justice Commission in New York City, examined the international power and diplomacy of the United Nations. Some of the topics covered included the history of United Nations; the role of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the development of the UN; case studies from the Security Council; geopolitical developments Iran, Syria and Palestine; and terrorism and peacekeeping.

Students were provided with a private tour of the United Nations and were educated on the UN careers system. Students also gained access to the Kenyan Mission to the United Nations, where they received a briefing and tour of the mission. Students met with the Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations, H.E. Amb. Josephine Ojiambo, and other high ranking Diplomats of the Kenyan mission where they discussed the Rio Summit in Brazil, peacekeeping efforts, and the role the United Nations plays in promoting development within the context of globalization and interdependence. Aside from special access to the different embassies, guest speakers gave presentations on how UN peacekeeping operations function, the current status of peacekeeping operations around the globe and more specifically, the current situation in Syria.

Another guest speaker was Geanette Seymour, Director of the International Social Justice Commission, who highlighted the importance of human rights and social justice on behalf of the world's poor and oppressed.

"The United Nations is an international organization established to preserve world peace and security. This course gave the students a special behind the scene look at the UN system," stated Professor Jaime Buenahora.

"I believe 'Inside the United Nations' course demonstrates the spirit of the mission set forth by Dr. Adams in educating and preparing our students on global issues," stated Professor William "Pat" Schuber.

The Inside the United Nations Course is held in the months of June or July for a two-week period. Students can earn 3 undergraduate or graduate credits. This course is also open to visiting Academic Star Alliance Students. Please contact the Office of Global Learning at for more information.

By Alexandra Acosta



Sunday, July 01, 2012
Alexandra Acosta