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Global Young Voices
Global Young Voices ( is a platform for students all over the world to read and engage in political discussions about global affairs. As of now, a group of more than 30 people are part of the team as contributors. 

Global Young Voices started in a conversation between my fellow FDU alumna Camilla Curnis from Italy and me. I've stayed in touch with Camilla even after we both finished our year as exchange students at FDU. One day in February, Camilla expressed her willingness to start a blog through which our fellow international students could express their thoughts. So I immediately replied saying that I've been thinking of this and that it would make a great idea. I was sure she had a bright idea in her mind and with the journalistic skills I've gained in my country and in the US I knew I would be able to bring the idea to life.

Members or contributors at GYV write about their experiences in their own countries and issues they think are important to be discussed or shared. The aim is to educate other students, studying journalism, global affairs or any other major, and spread awareness about the need for all youth to be aware and informed on what is going on around them in the world. The ideas for articles are suggested by the editor (me) depending on the importance of the world event, and are pitched by the writers themselves, whenever they find interesting stories about the people of their own countries.

As we grow older and the world becomes ever more “little", it is important to keep university students aware of the various events in the constantly and rapidly evolving world and to show the diversity that exists through this idea, since we have a diverse team -that we hope will never stop growing- of international students that come from different parts of the world.

Camilla Curnis, who has been taking care of building the website with a team of designers, posted on her Facebook account a few weeks ago the following: "As students, we are the future. And as we move forward in time, our countries' histories will be ever more entangled. For this reason it is important, now more than ever, that we gain thorough awareness on national affairs and global occurrences. Global Young Voices is a great opportunity to discover and share through each other's experiences what is really happening, not just around us but all around the globe." I find this extremely true.
As for our mission, "The Global Young Voices (GYV) mission is to provide our peers all around the world with a panoply of reports that unveil issues tackled by countries worldwide from the genuine perspective of a native young student. We strive to shed light on both specific and widespread issues through personal perspectives, authentic experiences and the critical thinking we cultivated in academia."
As of today, 29 countries are covered by Global Young Voices, and our team is comprised of more than 35 university students.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2015
Edy Seeman