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Looking for warmer weather? Follow in Jeancarlo's footsteps and study abroad in Brazil!
“It’s been great here in Brasil! My host family makes me feel at home while helping me figure out how things work over here. They also speak English really well so it’s much easier to communicate until I better my Portuguese. 

The food isn't much different from Dominican Republic which came as a surprise; such as rice, chicken, beans and many other foods. As for the room, it’s not bad but it’s something new for me having to share a room with a stranger although we became friends much quicker than I expected to. 

The best part of my time here is that I fit in much more than I have in the past. A plus is that everyone suspects me of being Brasilian so I'm always mistaken for one which is nice until I have to speak the language hahaha but it's been a wonderful experience thus far. 

Obrigado! (Thank you)” – Jeancarlo Garcia, FDU Metro 



Monday, October 13, 2014
Jeancarlo Garcia, FDU Metro