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Teaching English in China: A Student's Experience

Meet RaJohn Raeford, one of seven FDU students and alums teaching English with CSETC this summer in China!  Read about how is adjusting to his new environment here:

So far everything is amazing. At first it was much of a culture shock and a bit surreal, but I am really enjoying myself. We are arranged in an apartment building just a short walk from the school we are teaching at. The accommodations are very modest. VERY modest. But it makes it an even better experience because now we get the opportunity to live like our students and locals. The food is very tasty, nothing like what is served as Chinese cuisine in the states. However, it has been challenging for me because I don't eat pork, and pork is the main dish at most meals. But still I am having a great time. I have also had the chance to eat fried scorpion and snake. So far everything has been great.



RaJohn Raeford
Thursday, July 10, 2014