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Soccer World Cup Brazil vs. Croatia
The Office of Global Learning recently sponsored a screening of the first match of the Soccer World Cup 2014 in the Knight Club, Student Union Building. It was a momentous day for the students from Brazil, not only because it was the opening match of the Soccer World Cup 2014, but also because it was a game that featured the Brazilian team. It was apparent in the enthusiasm that they showed as they filled up the Knight Club almost to capacity. Moreover, it was interesting to see that many other international students who had stayed for the summer also attended this event. As the game progressed more students were able to attend after their classes and there was a great atmosphere in the room with supporters of both teams. 

Right from the blow of the starting whistle, the crowd was on its toes. Every kick, foul, corner kick was followed by a loud reaction by the crowd. Certainly, it was like our own piece of the soccer stadium crowd, here at Fairleigh Dickinson University. It was obvious no one was worrying about the EPS homework due, when Marcelo inadvertently scored the own goal. This worry was tuned into raucous celebration when Neymar scored the equalizer. The tension was palpable till Neymar was able to score the next goal and put Brazil on a winning track. 

It was an evening of great excitement and celebration, especially for the Brazilian exchange students who miss being in their home country during the soccer world cup. This event was a great break for the students from the continuous work they had to do in and out of class, and was well received.  



Thursday, June 12, 2014
M.R.Kushan Costa