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Global Scholars visit Barcelona, Spain

Winter Session trips, such as the one to Barcelona, Spain, January 9-17, 2012, serves two objectives in the Global Scholars Program: It affords the international student, whose study abroad is at the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, the opportunity to participate in an expansive learning experience beyond their major area of study, and the domestic student an additive to their study abroad requirements. Winter Session trips strive to deepen the intercultural experience and understanding "of and for the world" in keeping with the founding mission of the university. As director of the program, I believe the trip to Barcelona achieved its goal. - Professor Samuel Raphalides.

Student Experiences

"Our seven days in Barcelona were nothing less than a roller coaster ride of fun! Experiential learning combined with enjoyment is truly the essence of the Global Scholars Program, and our trip fit this description perfectly. Besides visiting the Sagrada Familia, the FC Barcelona Stadium, a Salvador Dali Museum, the Catalonian History museum, La Casa Batllo, and ancient Greek and Roman ruins, we were also able to savor the taste of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, breathe in the fresh coastal air of Costa Brava, sink our feet in the Mediterranean Sea at Cadaques, admire the traditional Flamenco Dance, stay in a beach hotel by the pier and lighthouse overlooking the sea, and not to mention, shop at Las Ramblas! The trip was suited everyone's taste; the sports fans to the art lovers. Our time spent in Barcelona was simply memorable!" - Meena Murugappan (sophomore)

"Barcelona was not only a beautiful city but also a place that has a rich culture in art, architecture and wine making. We had the opportunity to experience first had their food etiquette, their love of soccer and their passion for enjoying life." - Bemnet Berhanu

"There is only one way to describe my trip to Barcelona, AMAZING! The whole trip was planned very well and I was able to embrace the tradition and culture of Spain. All of the places we went were wonderful and had alot of history behind it. No matter where we look in Barcelona there was always an amazing and breath taking view. I love it and I can't wait to go back." - Stephaney Elfikey- Sanders


"I thoroughly enjoyed the continuity that is in evidence from ancient ruins through the medieval period, to the architecture of today's cityscape. The people and food in Barcelona were spectacular, and the waterfront views at Costa Brava's historic villages were nothing short of stunning." - Erin Quinn (junior)

"Barcelona is an amazing place to visit. As soon as you enter the city, you become immersed in the culture and excitement that the city has to offer. Becoming a Global Scholar was one of the best decisions I have ever made because the program has so much to offer you and really gives you a world-view perspective." - Brittany Timney



01/09/2012 - 01/17/2012
Barcelona, Spain
Global Scholars Program
Type of trip:
Service Learning Study Abroad trip