About Global Education Gateway


Welcome to Global Education Gateway, the home page for Fairleigh Dickinson University's global learning mission.  These are the main sections and features of this site:
  • The Events & Announcements page serves as a notice board for upcoming global events and programs
  • The News & Highlights page offers a repository for highlights about the university's international and inter-cultural programs and activities
  • The Mission & Vision page explains the university's academic mission
  • The History & Heritage page puts the university's current mission in historical perspective
  • The Partners & Collaborations page profiles Fairleigh Dickinson University's work with international organizations and institutions
  • The Global Learning Videos section on the home page provides access to the university's digital archive of past global learning events
  • The hyperlink gallery on the bottom of all pages offers easy access to many of the university's international offices, programs, organizations, and campuses

Any university office, department, club, or organization may post announcements or highlights pertaining to the university's global learning mission.  Please use the forms on the News & Highlights and Events & Announcements pages to make submissions.  We especially welcome announcements and highlights about:

  • Study abroad trips
  • Service Learning trips
  • Conferences
  • UN trips
  • Student accomplishments
  • Faculty research, publications and presentations
  • International collaborations
  • New programs
  • Cultural festivals
  • Upcoming on-campus / off-campus events
  • Grants/Scholarships opportunities
  • Club meetings and events, as appropriate
  • Lectures